Homme Dam History

In 1936 state and local officials started looking for solutions to the flood and water supply problems in the eastern part of Walsh County.  Congress authorized construction of the Park River Flood Control Project in 1944.  It was designed to be a dual purpose project, impounding water during spring flood periods and releasing stored water for water supply and pollution abatement during dry periods.

In 1948 the project was renamed to "Homme Lake" in honor of Mr. H.G. Homme, a prominent real estate investor and business person from Grafton, who was a committed advocate of the project.

The highest water ever recorded at Homme Lake occurred in April of 1950 while the dam was still under construction.  Large in-flows caused the earthen embankment to fail, causing a peak out-flow of 13,000 cfs causing severe overland flooding in the Grafton area.

Homme Lake was fully operational for the first time in 1953, just in time for the spring runoff.  The construction was started in 1948 and cost $846,645.  The original dam was 865 feet long, 67 feet high and was 1,099 feet above sea level.  The spillway was made of reinforced concrete, was 218 feet long and was 1,080 feet above sea level. 

The dam and spillway were reconstructed beginning in 1999 and construction was completed in 2004.  The cost was $11,881,000.  The spillway is now 300 feet long.

Over the years, Homme Lake, now called Homme Dam Recreation Area, has become a favorite destination for boating, fishing, camping and swimming.  In the 1960's boat shows, ski jumping contests and other water activities provided family entertainment on Sunday afternoons.  There are many activities still available at Homme Dam so stop by and check it out.

Other Facts:


   194 Acres

   4.1 Shoreline Miles

   1.1 Miles Long

   3,660 Acre-feet of Storage

   Watershed is 229 Square Miles

Outlet Control Structure:

   5 Foot Diameter

   321 Feet Long

   Maximum Design Discharge is 23,500 cfs


   865 Feet in Length

   1,099 Feet above Sea Level

   Maximum Height is 65 Feet