Fun For Every Season!

Homme Dam campground and recreation area is a quiet, peaceful place right

in the middle of the prairie. A place to enjoy all that nature has to offer. The

Walsh County Park Board operates the park near the dam and provides  

facilities for boat launching, fishing, picnicking, and camping. For those who  

prefer more solitude, 200 acres of surrounding land, managed by the Corps of

Engineers, is open to hunting, hiking and picnicking.   

Information Regarding Water Quality:

Homme Dam is currently experiencing a large algae bloom.  Currently the toxin levels

 are very low so the water is safe for recreation.  We do recommend you protect

 yourself, children and pets by not allowing them to drink from the reservoir.  The water

 will monitored very closely and updates will appear here and on Facebook.  Please let

 us know if you have any question or concerns.